Our Story
Hey Vintage Art Lovers!

I’m Lydia, the girl behind this little venture, The Vintage Gallery Girl. Welcome to allllllll things gallery walls!

I’ve been designing little (and not so little) gallery walls for myself since 2015. I first saw a photograph of a gloriously eclectic and quirky gallery wall in a magazine. I was instantly hooked on the concept as a way to balance my maximalist design tendencies with my love for minimalistm by consolidating my art collection in one space and keeping everything else more simple. I also loved how it creates a stunning conversation piece that makes every one say "WOW" when they first see it! It's the ultimate statement piece look.

Shortly after I had this moment, I spent six months backpacking through Europe where I spent half my time fawning over every art museum I could find. Needless to say, I fell deeply in love with wall art and was hooked on the vintage style. Shortly after I designed my first very own eclectic and quirky gallery wall. I had no idea what I was doing and it was kind of a mess, but I loved every second of it, and haven’t stopped since. At this point (and many gallery walls later) I’ve run out of space and walls for my own galleries but just can't stop dreaming up new ones…So here’s to my obsession benefitting  you! 

How it Works

Vintage art can be expensive and hard to find good pieces. So in an effort to make beautiful art easy, accessible, and affordable, each gallery wall is custom designed with art prints! The art are renditions from very famous or sometimes rather obscure artists of the past (and occasionally the present) in a color pallet and theme that compliments itself. You have the option of picking a couple of your favorite prints from different galleries or the whole gallery to order!

I'll occasionally pick up a few stunning vintage pieces in my estate sale shopping and add it into a gallery wall design for inspiration. These items can be found in the Vintage Items section. Grab them quick because there is only one and they go fast! 

Happy gallery wall hanging!